Do You Have a Fitness Goal?

Do you go to gym? No, but my money does!

Yes, I know that guilty smile on your face while you read this. In any and every point in life we have been there and done that. Probably in the corporate circle we are living in, this is the state of most of us now.

Our lifestyle has turned into a vicious circle. Either we are working in an office or working from home. With those tedious working and long traveling hours we are either left with almost no energy to follow a fitness routine like hitting a gym or going for a jog/walk or maybe just do some stretching at the least.

Agreeing to the fact that how important it is to include a physical activity in our daily routine, we all keep it at the least of the priorities. Ever reflected to why do we do that?

Because it is the easiest of things you can ignore and won’t face any immediate consequences.

As long as our body is running with minor ailments here and there, we tend to take our health really casually.

Though being hard (or may be pretentiously hard) to fix up a routine to pursue some physical activity I have figured out some really simple ways which can be incorporated into your daily activities to be flexible and active. You do not have to wait for the weekend to hit these.

You can duly do it while you are performing daily rites. They might sound silly but they surely work.

Have a look-

1. For Arms:

While at home, take a few bed sheets out of the closet. Open them up and fold them again. Try and stretch your arms as much as possible while folding.

Do this 5-10 times in a go. Repeat this every day.

You’ll feel your arms are more flexible and toned over time.

2. For Belly:

Your belly is the most difficult part of your body to get back in shape. But trust me it is possible to control that growing food baby.

The trick is simple! Whenever you have to pick up something that had fallen on the floor, Try picking up without bending your knees at all.

Okay, so take a deep breath and stoop to pick in this posture.

Just try each time you pick a thing from the floor, do it this way. You can even intentionally drop things to pick them up 😉 hehe…

The more times you do it, the more flexible will be the muscles.

Even while bathing, if you stand and bathe, cover up your legs with soap this way or while applying lotion on to your legs.

This would also help in toning your calf muscles.

3. For Thighs:

If you think that your thighs need more work than your belly, here is the trick.

Pick up a fallen thing always in a sitting position. Keep you back straight and bend your legs. Go down completely until you reach the thing. Yes, this can too be intentional.

When you bend this way, the inner thigh muscles stretch hence help them shaping.

4. For a healthy mind:

Grow a plant. It need not be a big pot where a lot of management is needed.

We all have those glass bottles in our house which are given away in the trash. Be it a jam jar, a ketchup bottle or a shake you ordered.

Do not throw them. Help your balcony look beautiful.

Take a pudina stem from a regular vegetable stall and put it in water in the bottle/jar. In a couple of days, you would start seeing roots developing. You can do this with a money plant cutting too. No need for fertilizer, soil, etc! Just plain water and your old glass trash!

It is wonderful to see a plant grow.

Shared below is a video link where you can see how you can grow plant cuttings in water.

You will love to take the plants’ care once you see that you nurtured a life!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ab6a3CcYH8

These were a few tips and tricks to sneak a few moments while doing your daily stuff to metabolize your body and mind and stay fit.

I know this will not yield results in any sooner but gradually when you will notice the difference, it might motivate you to take up a dedicated physical practice!

It surely did in my case.

If you think this can be a baby step, I can lead you to many such baby steps in my following articles. Let me know in the comment box below.