Movie Review: 2.0

  1. A Visual Spectacle, An Over Hyped 2.0

Rating: 3.0/5.0

It’s a treat for the eyes to watch 2.0 with immersive 3D graphics, but the same can’t be said about the movie. An over-stretched movie which has all the ingredients to make it a huge success, such as Powerful Visuals, Superlative VFX, Great Message and Supreme actors, it sadly lacks in its story and plot. A predictive storyline makes it even worse, at one point in time just after interval, I started to feel sleepy as well. Too much repetition and weak dialogues lead by senseless and purposefully injected forceful humour give that Dubbed South Indian Movie flavour to it, frankly I wasn’t expecting this when i heard that Rs. 460 crores were spent for making the movie. Looking at the target audience of Bollywood, movie should have had better supporting cast and should have been shot each shot twice like Mani Ratnam used to do. A dubbed movie isn’t able to convey the emotions right that was a huge disconnect I felt in this movie. Moreover the quality of humour in Bollywood is extremely different to what you see in South. People may argue that this was a Tamil movie, but then it is not marketed like one, so Director Shankar needs to be reprimanded for the same. 

But I am willing to give up on the glitches and major technical faults plainly because of the quality of VFX and graphics that are used. The movie also carries a very strong message and advocates limited usage of cell phones, but that alone as a plot isn’t enough and neither convincing for the movie to sail through the entire length of 2 hrs and 26 minutes. At least the Robot movie which was the prequel to 2.0 had a strong plot of what happens when Robots acquire Human feelings. 

From the perspective of story telling the movie lacks in engaging the audience but when it comes to Visuals, the movie is splendid. There is a 20 mins gap in the movie when there is absolutely no VFX and all natural camerawork, you actually get bored during that time. 

Kids absolutely loved the movie and the fascination of robots is something that went very well with them. The graphics and the 3D effects are an experience in itself, proud that we could create a movie with such supreme visuals in India, we are definitely progressing, however I couldn’t still compare the graphics to Transformers or Avengers series, there was a very small gap, but it was evident. 

The movie starts off with cell phones being snatched away from all users and the first half is a set up to the fight between two transformer like giant avatars of Chitti 2.0 and Akshay Kumar. The fight in the backdrop of Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in Delhi is extravagant and brilliantly picturised. 

The message is strong and I am glad that someone came forward and highlighted a social message which has been kept under the wraps for a very long time. 

Super Star Rajni, yes this is how he is introduced in the movie credits, which I didn’t feel was right, is at ease, he has nearly 400% of screen presence and can be seen in multiple roles, I say that as in the last fight you see thousands of Rajnikant’s fighting a lone Akshay Kumar. 

Akshay Kumar has a brilliant makeup, with that kind of makeup acting takes a back seat any which ways, he is the one who is actually present in a more graphical avatar. 

I don’t know why is Amy Jackson even present in the movie, she is the only joke the movie carries. In the last movie Aishwarya Rai was also sparingly used but at least she was the central character who was the essence of the plot, here Amy Jackson is just there as an eye candy and that’s it. 

My final take on the movie is, a one time watch, but only and only in 3D. I am giving 1 extra star for the graphics to make it 3. Do take Kids along, they will thoroughly enjoy. 

Movie Review by KD.