Movie Review: Baaghi 2

It’s only about Tiger, but even he couldn’t save it!!!

Rating: 2.0/5.0

I’ll keep it short as there is nothing much to write.

Mediocre Story, Messed Up Direction, Awful Screenplay, Wasted Talent and Embarassing Item Numbers.

I am not done yet.

Add to this the 90’s plot, a misguided suspense reveal and absence of logic is what Baaghi 2 is marred with.

Even the One Man Show, Tiger Shroff’s gigantic aura couldn’t save the day for this movie which is high on expectations but scores very low on execution.

It feels like Director Ahmed Khan has watched a lot of 90’s movies including those of Jackie Chan and put those formulas in a mixer and created Baaghi 2.

It is such a disappointment that talents such as Manoj Bajpai and Randeep Hooda are completely wasted. The theatre which was Full, cheers on the arrival of Randeep Hooda, but his presence is limited to a special appearance like role.

The movie had so much scope to get transformed into a wonderful suspense thriller but a 30-45 minute fight sequence towards the end, a single man fighting the odds of a few thousand people having heavy arms and ammunition, is just too much to digest in 2018.

Disha Patani is beautiful and an eye candy, but she needs to visit an acting school.

I want to mention the two remix versions of old super hit songs. Question is Howwww? How can u falter on execution of such superhit songs, why do you remix a song when you don’t have the skills to do so.

Mundiyaan Tu Bachke rahin by Punjabi MC, has been sung badly and is a pathetic remix. Ek Do Teen, is a super duper flop remix as well. Jaqueline Fernandes hasn’t done justice at all, moreover forget her dance, they haven’t even managed to sing the song well, it seems they were in haste to complete the song. One can’t forget but admire Madhuri’s expressions in the old classic Ek Do Teen.

Tiger Shroff is promising and is the only hope but that hope vanishes in the second half with a crippled script.

You can give this one a miss.

Movie Review by KD