Movie Review: Gully Boy

A Predictable Masterpiece in the Gully of a Wonder Boy 

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti present you with the other side of Mumbai, the slum of Dharavi which is devoid of the famous sea side Nariman Point shots and where luxury has gone for a vacation. Loosely based on the real life adaptations of Naezy and Divine, Zoya brings together a beautiful love story, a compelling biography, a hard-hitting divide between the rich and the poor, a strong messaging for the minority and the feminist and the most important, a new kind of Rap musical for the Indian Movie Industry.

Zoya keeps you invested in the movie till the end despite the long length, which actually is the only minus point. She goes into details of each and every character and takes significant time to build them up, so much so that you start thinking like them and develop a feeling for the characters by the first half. 

The movie is shot exclusively in the streets of Dharavi – Asia’s Largest Slum and does not shy away by showing the realities. Lots of people fitting up in a small narrow claustrophobic space, a real feel to the slums, the railway stations, the small bridge on top of the Jammed Naala filled with kachra, the movie gives you a very authentic feel. 

Authenticity is what the movie repeatedly also harps about, your own rap, your own feelings, your own music is what it is all about. Even though predictable, you are hooked onto it, Ranveer and Alia surpass their own performances and set new benchmarks, they are bloody brilliant. 

Alia as Safeena, though showcased in a shell, is a bubbly character who adds spunk to her life by taking small dangers of lying to her parents and also shows her fear of them. Being fearless and fearful both and drawing a line for being practical is beautifully conveyed. 

Ranveer Singh as Muraad and later coined as Gully Boy, is rocking as always, he gets into the character and loafers around with ease, gets the language and the accent right, HIPs and HOPs on the beats and more importantly belongs to Dharavi. Absolutely zero makeup, or at least it looks like that, giving a raw and a rough appeal, he nicely manages to discover the Rapper within him and follow his dreams, and how, full marks to Zoya. Ranveer is a ball of energy which never gets over, he has a long way to go. 

Surprise Surprise Surprise!!!

Siddhant Chaturvedi as MC Sher is a huge surprise for everyone, he adds life to the movie, right from his introduction till the end he creates interest in each and every screen presence. He Matches the energy of Ranveer, which is not easy by any stretch of imagination, and gets into the fearless character of a hip-hopper. He is definitely a find and will see more work coming to him for sure. 

Kalki Koechlin as An American music student shines in her small supporting role and lends good support to the unfolding story. 

Likewise all characters played by Vijay Raaz as Ranveers father, Amruta Subhash as his mother, Vijay Verma as his friend Moeen and Sheeba Chaddha as Alia’s mother put up top notch realistic performances. 

Music is great, hard-hitting lines in the rap songs really give you goose bumps. You enjoy the music which also unfolds the story. Ranveer and Siddhant rock in the Rapper moves. 

Movie ends with a self belief of APNA TIME AAYEGA, and yes I do believe ki APNA TIME ZAROOR AAYEGA. 

Go watch it this weekend, you will be thoroughly entertained. 

Review by KD…