Movie Review: HICHKI

Rani’s Hichki is Not A Distraction

Rating: 3.5 (0.5 for Rani)

It’s an out and out a Rani Show, take a bow. I can never forget her performance in Black, and this performance in Hichki strives to touch that.

Rani Mukherjee creates magic with her performance. As is very evident from the trailers, she suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes her to break into involuntary noises. I encourage everyone going for this movie to watch a few videos on YouTube of people suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. I say this, because that is when you will be able to appreciate the spellbound performance of Rani. At no point she makes us feel that she is acting, Tourette’s looks like a part of her.

Now coming to the story, the plot has nothing new to offer with absolutely no surprises and is totally predictive. If you have watched a movie called Rough Book, the plot has been pretty much copy pasted from there except that the teacher here is Rani Mukherjee who has a defect in her speech.

But that’s the beauty, despite all the predictiveness, you don’t mind to gulp it down because of Rani’s performance who carries the movie on her shoulders and doesn’t let it derail.

What I liked about the movie most is that Rani despite of having speech defect does not play a victim at any point. However the embarrasment scenes are portrayed very subtly in the form of Rani’s father. There are also a few scenes which keep appearing about Rani’s past which more or less makes up for the victim card, but is just enough.

The movie does bring a lump in your throat more than once, and it is more than welcome to feel it. The movie passes on some very important messages, those related to practical learning, differentiation of kids from backwards class in schools, race for being number 1, etc…

The final dialogue of the movie takes all the marks, “so we should learn to live with our Tourette’s in life, like I lived with mine, make Your Tourette your friend” !!!

This completely changed my perspective towards the movie.

The movie totally revolves around and belongs to Rani, there is hardly a frame where she’s not present.

So if you are a movie buff and appreciate acting, it’s a must watch for you, story wise there’s nothing new.

Review by KD