Movie Review: Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh: An Unconventional Love Thesis!!!

Rating: 2.5/5.0

This is arguably Shahid’s best performance till date, an ideal candidate for the Best Actor Award, this movie deserves to be seen for his performance. With regards to the movie, it’s lengthy at 2 hrs 55 mins, sometimes impractical, but still bearable. 

After the movie gets over, it feels like you have finished 5-6 episodes of a series on Netflix. The movie is excruciatingly long, they could have cut 40-50 mins, but at the same time it’s not all that boring too. It could have been a mind blowing plot, am afraid, that a brilliant effort may just go in vain here. 

But in theatre, I saw and heard whistles all around and the kind of dialogues this movie has, the front benchers were just loving it, there was hooting and gushes on many scenes including Shahid’s hero like entries and one liners. 

Shahid as Kabir Rajveer Singh is a short tempered alcoholic rich brat topper doctor , all this doesn’t add up and is difficult to digest if someone tells you, but you tend to believe it in the movie as the character is built up in such a way. However there is no history shown on why he developed such behaviour, many instances are touched upon but never used again in the movie, which is bad execution, they weren’t required if there wasn’t any applicability. 

I have always said, if someone wants to speak in Punjabi, he should talk in proper punjabi or else just not make a mockery of himself, he sounds funny and is laughable in his punjabi dialogues. 

Kabir Singh is a remake of South Indian Movie Arjun Reddy and it gives you that raw feel come in. The looks of Shahid and his behavior as an alcoholic and short tempered person is very nicely captured by director Sandeep Reddy. 

It is a very unconventional love story, you are always uncomfortable whenever Shahid is on screen thinking that he will do something brash and screw up, you sometimes don’t support his character and feel that he is wrong but at the same time feel for him, that’s exactly what the director has been successful in portraying. 

Kiara Advani is flat, she is very passive and has been shown as a shy girl in the start and suddenly becomes this girl who is deeply and madly in love with Kabir Singh doing a lip lock anywhere and at any place. It seems very irrational that the kind of girl that is being portrayed suddenly becomes so bindaas, just hard to believe. There are so many lip locks here that Emraan Hashmi would envy Shahid.

Soham Majumdar as Shahid’s Friend does an awesome job, he is by his side always, in thick and thin and you get very comfortable with him. 

Songs are hummable and intertwined with story, so you don’t get bored. First half of the movie is enjoyable, it gets dragged in the second half and you wait for it to get over. 

The tickets of this movie are cheap, it’s running houseful everywhere, you can give it a shot if you want to go for a movie over the weekend. It’s anyways too hot outside, enjoy the 3.5 hrs in theatre. 

Watch it for Shahid’s performance, you get to see such a performance once a while, he rocks the screen and screams into your face. 

Review by: KD