Movie Review: Sajjan Singh Rangroot (Punjabi)

Sajjan Singh Rangroot Exemplifies Sikh Valour and Sacrifice

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Based in the midst of World War 1, Director Pankaj Batra, brings to life, the war between Britain and Germany, which was won by the Sikh regiment of the Western Province belonging to the Indian British Army of Lahore Division.

This Movie shows how Sikhs have not only protected India from the invasion of Mughals, but played a significant role in British win over Germans during World War 1.

The movie starts off with a significant buildup time given to the character of Sajjan Singh, played by Diljit Dosanjh. All the build up is so carefully done that each and every dialogue uttered during the first half has a reference and application of the same later in the movie. That’s how all directors should work, there is not a single dialogue or act in the movie which doesn’t convey a message. Hats off to the detail.

Diljit Dosanjh is simply at his best, it’s an intense act and he once again proves that he is one of the finest actors today be it Punjabi or Hindi movie industry. You cry with him and you laugh with him, he definitely has shoulders of steel as he carries the entire movie on his able shoulders.

Subedar Zorawar Singh, played by Yograj Singh, Milkha Singh’s coach from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag fame, is ferocious, fearless and flambouyant with his act. He is in total command and walks alongside Diljit giving him great support. His Punjabi and his English are impeccable and he marches from the front.

Movie has innumerable number of messages and information which is both pleasing and disheartening to know.

The discrimination of Indian Soldiers viz. British Soldiers in Britain and the disrespect of Indian Soldiers by British counterparts makes your blood boil. A silent war to AGREE with an expectation of getting freedom back home from the white skinned cruels says it all. The silence is broken during a war drill where the entire theater erupts into a thunderous applause and whistles. The dialogue by Diljit when the British target his Turban gives you goose bumps:

“Jinnaaa nu paggaan banniyaa aundiyaa ne aunaa nu paggaaan saambniyaa vi aundiyaa ne”

That’s your interval there, the movie starts to unfold from here on when the war starts and again it is the Sikh Regiment who says we won’t back down and take the Germans head on. Britishers are again shown as cowards who don’t go with them with the fear of losing their lives, but Sikhs capture the trench.

Theater erupts into Jaikaras of Jo Bole So Nihal, Satsriakaal. It’s jaw dropping stuff that you see on screen, comparable to any international war movie. Punjabi movies have indeed touched a new level.

Movie also touches an important aspect of Sikhism, not to attack behind anyone’s back. Also when the Germans are scared of Sikhs they offer Sikh Regiment all the perks and privileges to come and join them as British are cruel, but the Sikhs stay back and say we can’t do gaddaari with someone who we have stood with.

It shows the pain and agony that the troops go through when they have to wait for months, the politics by the governments and the life of the families back home.

You definitely get a lump in your throat and you cry towards the end, this movie will leave you in a different world.

Please please please watch this movie Only and Only in theatres.

Movie Review by KD