Open Letter to Govt. Of India on Covid19

An Open Letter to the Govt of India

During this fight for Corona, we are seeing unprecedented changes taking place in our lives.

Changes, that we never dreamt of
Changes, that are difficult to adapt
Changes, that will leave about a permanent scar to few lives
Changes, that some of us will never be able to forget

But let’s look at the positive aspect of all of this. In the past few days what has emerged is:
We are behaving as one family one nation
We are caring for each other
We are sacrificing to adapt to changes
We are collectively working towards our employees well-being
And much more…

Fear and Concern are being felt in the air amidst lockdowns happening one behind the other. A strange bond is being seen due to fear and concern for each other both at the same time. A strong Humanitarian bond between people irrespective of their caste & creed and a genuine sense to help and appreciate others is really overwhelming.

A big shout out to the Govt and Non Govt workers who are taking Corona head on and are working tirelessly day and night so that we can sleep well.

It’s truly a war being waged, simply the enemy is unknown but we are still fighting and we will win.

The small and medium business, the enterprise business, the mom and pop shop owners, the MNC guys are all suffering financially as well as mentally.

There are certain steps that I would want to suggest to the government to help reduce this stress on our people. Let’s cover everyone, I may not have the vision compared to govt officials and may go over the board with my suggestions which may not be feasible looking at the scale, but thought of putting these forward anyways:

1. If the lockdown continues for 1 – 2 months, can we ask the Bank authorities to delay the EMI’s by that time, just delay and not waive off.
2. The Malls which are shut down, request the Mall owners to waive off the rentals of shop owners who were not able to have the shops open. In turn give major tax rebates to the rental income of Mall owners so both are benefitted.
3. Same applies to Retail Land Lords, request the small scale shop owners to waive off the rent and instead give them tax rebates
4. Have Credit Card companies waive off interest and give good emi options to people, this is to help the people who would be losing out on their earnings but will pick up later.
5. Distribute Ration to the poor free of cost.
6. All Transport should be shut down PAN India: Trains, Buses, Cabs at least for two weeks
7. This will cause a stress in the sector which should be taken care by govt by giving compensation or assurances to Private Cab Drivers. It can be in the form of tax waiver on CNG/Petrol/Diesel and waiving off some taxation for a given period or any other way govt may seem fine.
8. Make sure Private hospitals are contributing by having Corona Virus dedicated wards
9. Give power to AOA/RWAs for taking strict action on people violating norms of isolation/home quarantine
10. Issue Arrest at sight during Janata Curfew if there is not logical reasoning for the person to be out.
11. Prepare make shift hospitals like China did for mass quarantines, god forbid but if there is a need we should be prepared