Relentless Positivity

How often do you fall in a situation where you realize that the the fault was yours but still you go on with the blaming spree? I think the answer is ¨quite often¨ or should I say ¨most of the times¨.

Agreed. The most common example of this occurrence is the time while you drive. I encountered a similar thing today. While crossing a junction in Delhi Cantt. area and struggling with the traffic (which is there by default. Thanks to the ¨me first¨ attitude we Delhiites carry!), I was passing sincere strict looks to an army truck driver who was driving in my opposite lane and taking a very sharp right turn, almost about to bump into my car. In my quest to be portrayed as an obedient and careful driver, I forgot to look at my ¨Left¨ and in turn bumped into a cab which also did not want to leave a single chance to get into the minutest of the space.

Within seconds fingers were pointed and me and the cab driver were shouting at each other ¨teri galati-teri galati¨ and traffic behind us, howling and honking to move ahead. Realizing it was getting late, I pushed myself to stop right there and move on.

On my way forward, I did a rewind of what just passed by and I figured out 2 things really important if you want to make your mind clutter free- a) You cannot control the emotions at a particular instance, but, just when you are over with it, smile and give a recap with what went wrong. This will keep you cautious for the next time and at the same time the smile will save your day.:) b) Hard but yes, Self Realization. If other person is wrong, you can be too. This will control your wild instinct the next time you get into a similar situation and a lesson for life would be learnt.

I call this as Relentless Positivity!! 🙂