Take a Moment to Relax

Take a moment to ‘Relax’

Everyday without a fail sun rises,

But not even a single day is a surprise.

For every lady who have a voice,

That ‘work from home’ and ‘work for home’ is not a choice.

This quarantine may be a rest time,

But for her, it’s like two shifts combined.

Catering to all your demands and needs,

She is doing all her possible deeds.

You got time to sit and relax,

While she is busy cooking your snack.

When you got time to follow your passion and hobby,

She is there, cleaning kitchen and lobby.

Her life is super hectic,

But she won’t admit that her situation is pathetic.

Just close your eyes to imagine her plight,

Everyday for her is not less than a fight.

Let’s not be blindfolded and avoid the fact

Just stand by her and sign a pact

To unleash the burden from her back

Look inside you, that where you lack!

Give her some time of leisure,

And make her watch some movies with pleasure.

For some time just make her feel free,

So that she can follow her passion with joy and glee.

Make her sit down for a while,

And let her chit-chat on mobile.

Take out some time to help her out

Say her loud, ‘Take Out a Moment!

In this situation of quarantine,

Ask her to relax for sometime.

                                                                                                                                                          Aanchal Khanna