The Rolled Treasure


Waking up at a leisure time on the first day of the lock-down, I was worried about a dry cup of tea, by which I mean, the one without newspaper. In a dilemmatic and fake hope, I still went to the balcony for my rolled morning treasure.

There it was, in the same corner and I was smiling from ear-to-ear, my happiness was nothing less than a child finding his adorable toy. Though I wasn’t expecting anything great in the paper other than the deadly Corona virus on the Front page, City Briefs, Nation’s News, Around the Globe, Business, Sports or even the lighter Delhi Times, but still don’t remember how this curiously I had read the paper last.

The day passed with discussions, anxiety and planning for the not so heartening and unwelcoming ‘forced but necessary relaxing’ at home. The streets were deserted, and an unpleasant mourning of silence was felt.  As I retired for the bed at night, somewhere I was still worried about the missing newspaper the next day. Well the night passed well, till I woke up in the morning, again a little late, struggling between opening my eyes and finding the way to the balcony, now with an even more fake hope of getting it anymore. What! The Rolled Treasure was there again and most unexpectedly every morning still continues to be there.

So, while most of us are struggling to even make ourselves sit at home, fighting the deadliest pandemic of the century, our newspaper boy (along with many others) dares and battles his way right through it to deliver us our rolled treasures. I salute to the unconditional service of all the LOCK-DOWN Heroes from Doctors to Policemen to vegetable and fruit vendors to milkmen and the social workers who are bravely fighting the unseen war and who ensure that we don’t suffer amongst the suffering.


Dr. Kajleen Kaur